About Carrchallenge

CARR CHALLENGE is a global quiz competition in the field of Finance,
Financial Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physics

CARR CHALLENGE is completely owned and managed by Risk Latte Americas Inc.

CARR CHALLENGE Program will comprise a series of quiz competitions that will be held every year in major cities, as well as at major university campuses around the world. Currently, the competition is slated to be held at Mumbai, Singapore, London, Toronto, Montreal and New York. At each of these regional levels 3 (three) winners will be chosen and of which, two would be invited to participate at the Grand Finale at the end of the season.

The Grand Finale of this competition will be held in New York after all regional rounds are complete.

This competition is being endorsed by a large number of senior Wall Street and the City of London bankers and finance professionals who have advanced degrees in physics and finance are endorsing this Program. Also, a large number of well-known physicists, mathematicians, computer and data scientists are endorsing this quiz competition and would be part of this competition as judges, observers and special guests.

This Program, and all the events in a particular season, shall be supervised by a Quiz Committee comprising banking and finance professionals, professionals working in the field of physical sciences and engineering and senior academics and research scholars from around the world.

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